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Mehran Ceramics specializes in technical excellence, high quality workmanship, unparalleled service, and innovative solutions to refractory problems. Additionally, we strive to serve our customers in a friendly, reliable manner to insure prompt and dependable service.


Refractory products and equipment are stocked in our warehouse for immediate delivery. We also offer special precast shapes produced to your specifications. If you can draw it, we can make it!


The refractory linings of many types of industrial furnaces can be rebuilt or repaired by our skilled refractory craftsmen.


We also offer refractory consulting services including refractory lining design, failure investigation & analysis, and life cycle cost analysis.


Our Mission: To be the leading provider of resources for cost-effective refractory solutions in a friendly and professional manner. 

Ceramihe following Refractory products and equipment are stocked in our warehouse for immediate delivery.


Refractories: Insulating Firebrick 2000º-3300ºF ~ Dense Firebrick & Tiles in Fireclay to 99% Alumina ~ Kiln Furniture in Fireclay to High Alumina ~ Kiln Shelves in Silicon Carbide Fines Bonded and Nitride Bonded ~ Castables/Gunnite Mixes in Lightweight & Dense ~ Plastics ~ Mortars ~ Coatings ~ Mineral Wool & Calcium Silicate Insulating Boards ~ Thermbond - Phosphate bonded castables


Ceramic Fiber Based Products: Blankets ~ Boards ~ Modules ~ Papers ~ Textiles ~ Moldables ~ Tapout Cones ~ Vacuum Formed Fiber Shapes ~ Sleeves ~ Elbows


Installation Equipment (New & Used): Mortar Mixers ~ Pencil Vibrators ~ Pneumatic Rammers ~ Pneumatic Jack Hammers ~ Gunnite & Shotcrete Machines ~ Brick Saws ~ Diamond Saw Blades ~ Insulating Firebrick Saw Blades


Precast Shapes: Specials produced to your specifications. If you can draw it, we can make it! Such as: Burner Blocks ~ Tapout Blocks ~ Tiles ~ Jambs ~ Lintel ~ Sill Blocks ~ Cooler Blocks ~ Roof Sections refractory materials, Fire bricks insulation bricks castable concrete, additive for streng hi alumina castables products, fused silica fume silica dye casting materials, hi insulation tile fly ash C F, fly ash hih alumina cement, alumina cement alumina refractory castables, CEMENT BINDER for refractory castables, FIreClay Bentonite Clay Fire Clay BRICKS, Rmming Gunning mixes Bentonite Clay mortars, precast concrete tiles materials micro sillica, sodium sillicate p[owder dead burnt megnasia, hi alumina REFRACTORY CASTABLES, Refractory mortars air setting heat setting, refractory insulation material, ultra high strength cement binders additivescement, additives for making concrete and tiles ultra hig, high surface finish cement additives materials, cement low poros concrete additives for cement, cement rapid hrdening, ,


HI TECH Advanced REFRACTORY Products , high temperature industrial ceramic materials.

Through the diversity of materials, flexibility of process we can satisfy your refractory need . we design and developed our products to deliver optimum performance.....we have always been on the leading edge of advanced refractory products .

we serve high temperature processing industries with cost effective quality refractory products and materials including various grade of REFRACTORY CA STABLES AND REFRACTORY MORTARS air setting heat setting REFRACTORY CEMENTS for use in industries including; Steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous

and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, 

incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar industries, refineries and petrochemical industryManufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler 

Main Products: Indusrial Ceramics refractory materials,Fire bricks insulation bricks castable concrete,additive for streng hi alumina castables products,fused silica fume silica dye casting materials,CHEMICALFOR TILE BOND ADHESIVE,ADMIXTURE FOR CEMENTt,alumina cement alumina refractory castables,CEMENT BINDER for refractory castables,FIreClay Bentonite Clay fume silica micro silica,Rmming Gunning mixes Bentonite Clay fum silica,construction chemicals,sodium sillicate p[owder dead burnt megnasia,hi alumina REFRACTORY CASTABLES,Refractory mortars air setting heat setting,refractory insulation material,ultra high strength cement binders additivescement,additives for making concrete construction chemica,high surface finish cement additives materials mic,cement low poros concrete additives for cement,cement rapid hrdening 


(We Buy): hi alumina cements Refractory cements,bauxite fused alumina corundum,micro silica fused silica,hi tech additive alumina cement for strength,calcium silicate insulation slabs,erly high strength cement additives binders CEMENT,rapid herdening high strength cement,ADMICTURE FOR CEMENT refractory castables,fume silics micro silica,refractory cement high alumina,dye casting refractory materials,construction chemicals fume sulica micro silica,fume silia microsilica fused silica,construction chemicals,CHEMICAL FOR TILE BOND CEMENT additives,difluctulat dispersing binder additives for refra,bauxite fused alumina corundum,hi alumina cements Refractory cements,erly high strength cement additivesADMIXTU binders,sodiumte silicas powder ADMIXTURE FOR CEMENT and for Refractory linnings= Refractory Linings


Our skilled refractory craftsmen can repair or rebuild the following types of industrial furnaces.


Boilers - All Types



Ceramics Industry

Tunnel, Shuttle, and Periodic Kilns



Chemical & Hydrocarbon Processing

Fume Incinerators • Fired Heaters • Sulphur Burners • Sulphur Recovery Units • Cat Cracker • Thermal Oxidizers



Ferrous - Iron & Steel

Arc • Channel Induction • Coreless Induction • Resistance Rod • Reheat • Walking Beam • Ladles • Cupolas • Tundishes



Forest Products

Green Fuel Burners • Bark Burners • Dry Kilns • Waste wood Furnaces - All Types



Glass Industry

Glass Tanks • Annealing Lehrs



Heat Treating

Rotary • Box • Tunnel • Continuous Belt




Pathological • Municipal Waste • Hazardous Waste



Minerals Processing

Rotary Kilns • Multiple Hearth • Dryers • Shaft Kilns



Non Ferrous 

Aluminum & Zinc, Copper, Magnesium. Through our vast inventory of refractory products, coupled with almost four decades of technical knowledge, we have established ourselves with potters, glass blowers and fabricators, and metallurgical casters of aluminum, bronze, copper, and iron sculptures as THE place to obtain refractory products and knowledge. 

We continually strive to provide unparalleled service at the lowest possible price in order to assist our artistic customers bring their creations to life. We appreciate the hard work that is required to achieve a unique and saleable product and we look forward to working with you in this endeavor.

Address & Contact

Contact Person:
Shahzaman mehar
MB-368, Sector C, Mehran town, Korangi industrial area, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0)3332117288


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